Available courses

- Sedimentary basin and main basins in Vietnam.

- Cross section and sedimentary-filled thickness.

- Petroleum system.

- Main reservoirs: some core photos and photomicrographs.

- A brief of Vietnam’s Petroleum Exploration and Production.

- Geological structures in brief.

- Principles of geological structure and analysis

- Ideas how to identify the structures and dertermine time-structural event relationships.

- The origin of oil and gas.

- Exploration of oil and gas.

- Unconventional resource - future energy

Keywords: Introduction , Stratygraphy, Magmatism, Structural geology, Tecnonic setting

>Keyword: Geohazards, Landslide, Flash flood, Debris flood, Eathquake, Vietnam


2.Metallic resources

Fe, Mn, Ti, Cu, Pb-Zn, Ni-Co, Al, Sn, W, Au, REE


Key: Vietnam, Metallic resourse, Sin Quyen, Na Son, Allanite, LREE deposit

  • Parameters describing the presence of discontinuity sets in a rock mass
  • Survey techniques : Traditional  vs Alternative methods
  • Non-contact techniques: photogrammetry and laser scanner how, when and what they acquire
  • How to handle the acquired data
  • How to extract geostructural data: Planes and Traces

  • Introductive notes to main deformation type(s)
  • Brittle and ductile deformation “types”
  • Basic concept of deformation mechanism(s)
  • Brittle deformation, faults and fractures: Terminology
  • Mesoscale examples of fractures and joints

This lecture course will inform you about fundamentals of oil and gas wells drilling.

The main issues connected with procedures and technology of drilling various purpose wells will be mentioned.

This lecture course will inform you about main oil and gas provinces located in Russia and post-Soviet states.

Geologic and tectonic zoning of Russia and description of provinces' structure will be presented. 

  • Diagnostic properties of minerals
  • Mineral resources of the Russian Federation
  • Environmental management in oil and gas producing regions
  • Mining and geological information systems
  • Excursion in Geology Museum